1/\/ Y0U12 13453 K1LL1\/6 Y0U12 1)001)Z Part 2

The group consisting of Anak, Aaron, Shino, and Brendan sneaks into Suiaion’s camp. They are on the way to rescue Sebastien. The four of them see a guard patrolling his tent. The guard approaches and questions their presence. Anak attempts to dissuade the guard of his suspicion. The guard leaves and speaks with Suiaion. The guard asks if they lost any, and Anak tells them that the rest are dead. The guard then tells them to go to the prisoner tent. Anak demands ale, and the prisoner tells him to go to the Mess tent. On the way to the prison tent, Shino sees a Bladed Falcon agent. They get to the tent, Anak sasses the prison guard. Then, Anak shoves the “prisoners,” into the tent. They go into the tent and notice the guards wearing turtle shell armor. Shino slips a rapier into Aaron’s pants. When Aaron and Brendan are thrown into the cell, Sebastien assumes they’ve been caught as well. Aaron laughs. “Sure, we’ll go with caught.”
Anak leaves and grabs some ale from the mess tent. Alex gets locked up. Shino bribes and switches shifts with one of the guards. The other guard asks Shino for a bribe as well. She mentions how “Suiaion’s on borrowed time, waiting for the Fenholdian army.” Anak walks into the tent with 3 pints of beer. “I’m the man who brings you happiness. Have a pint, my friend, on me.”
The guard is unsure of what to expect here. Amongst her confusion, Shino grabs the keys. She doesn’t feel a thing and asks Anak “Are you with him?” The cleric, in idiocy, mentions how Shino was, with him and witnessed his heroism in the huge battle. The guard ain’t havin’ it. Shino offers to bribe her.
“How much?” she asks. He gives her 30g and she leaves. Shortly after, the two guards return, soldiers at their side. The party cuts their way out of the back of the tent and arms themselves with the “YOUR POSSESSIONS,” chest seen in every prison from Bargate to Zanarkand. Then, the ambush begins. The agent of the Talons awaits the party in the back of the tent. The guards begin swarming around. The party rushes to the northern side of the camp in an attempt to escape. The team returns to Reithorn. Sebastian goes to the council and presents the plan. They choose to act.
Reamus convinces the town to give him 100 soldiers and a couple of clerics. He sets up by
Having the clerics evenly spread amongst the group of “soldiers,” They march to the clearing and wait in the woods for their ambush. The plan is for Reamus to have the 100 men surround the clearing, one cleric with each group, 3 groups. Then, Reamus uses his scroll of Fog Cloud as the Mercs enter. The army shout all at once, the clerics use their scrolls of Kelgore’s Firebolt. Then the Clerics and Reamus use their potions of Enlarge Person and march out onto the field of battle. Reamus demands the enemy party to retreat or they will fire. Reamus bluffs that they’re surrounded. The plan ensues, and Reamus yells “Go back from where you’ve come, flee the army of Chloros!”The horsemen run away and flee back to Suiaion

Reamus sets up camp outside of Reamus’ Camp. In town, the group waits. They notice Reamus does not return before nightfall, so they must hope for the best. Out of the treeline come horsemen, suddenly. They ride into town and report that the army is on the move. 100 of Suiaion’s men have moved to engage the ghost army from behind. The town had preplanned to begin marching out in as best as a ragtag militia could to attack their foe. As they approach, one of the army’s officers approaches Fickle and says “I think these troops need some motivation. They’re pretty frightened of going into battle. Could you give a speech to them or something? Lift their spirits?

The next day, the battle ensues. Reamus starts the battle by shooting one of the warriors. “Suiaion will not stand by the end of this day.” He yells at the enemy. Three warriors surround him as his allies grab the others and hew them down. Reamus steps back and yells “Go Fuck yourself,” and signs the finger in Drow Sign at the three warriors surrounding him, using a sound of Sound burst. The enemy then hews him onto the ground. After the battle is over, we see Suiaion emerge into the battlefield. Reamus stuns him, saying “Go FUCK yourself.” Then one of his guards runs over and lays Reamus out again. With Suiaion stunned from Reamus’ rude outburst, and angry from Reamus’ downfall, Aaron takes advantage and shoots Suiaion in his left hip.

Suiaion runs over to Reamus and looks down, and prepares to end it once and for all. As the oaf raises his sword, Reamus twitches and one arm points toward Anak, the other points toward Suiaion. On both hands is the middle finger in Drow Sign. Then the blade comes down and prepares to decapitate the sorcerer. Aaron steps off the log and then continues to shoot Suiaion. Ragmar hews down one of Suiaion’s men, and then swings at another.

Then Reamus awakes in a cold sweat with Anak standing over him. Aaron is busy speaking with Ragmar “Did you hear that amazing rant I rattled off? That idiot hated it.”
Ragmar asks “No, what did you say?”
Aaron responds “You, savage! Look over here! You missed one from Verend! I said it once and I’ll say it again, you should be dead already! I should’ve grabbed your dagger and run it through your back! 10 Years of hunting and I swear I will not cower out this time. Look at me, you murdering bastard! I’ve made many an elven life miserable to find you. I have killed elves to find you, killed them because of you! You want to let me slip through your hands?
How does it make you feel that at the age of 11, I could have killed you? You only didn’t die because of a child’s timidity! You are weak and pathetic.You were an elf on borrowed time, now it has run out.”

And then he proceeded to show Reamus how he managed to take two full-on slices from Suiaion before Ragmar completely deconstructed the idiot’s very existence. With one final conscious breath, he looks up at Aaron and says “You…bastard. Finish it.” Aaron asks one question before hand. “What is the association with you and the change in methods?”

“Why should I tell you that?”

“Because at this point, we’re both hurt.”


“Sobeit, then.” Aaron takes and arrow and drives it through the man’s skull.

1/\/ Y0U12 13453 K1LL1\/6 Y0U12 1)001)Z Part 1

Reamus rides off to Willowford. It’s an hour’s ride to the North. As he approaches Willowford, it’s getting to be dusk. There aren’t many people about, but he does attract the attention of some guardsmen. They begin walking towards him. They shout “Halt right there!” Then they begin to whisper amongst themselves about how he’s an orc. They ask his business, then they mention the guard captain and the mayor, but Reamus is unable to hear much. After he unloads his weapons, he dismounts.
The guard captain approaches. He appears to at least be in his fifties. Most of the men are wearing worn secondhand studded leather and simple leather armor. He says “So, you want to see the mayor, right, orc?”
“Of course.”
“What are your reasons?”
Reamus tells him the plans, then he is lead to the mayor. As he goes, a guard says “KEEP YOUR HANDS WHERE WE CAN SEE THEM.” Reamus turns and smiles, then flips them off in Drow Sign. They respond “He’s trying to cast a spell!”
“Orcs can’t cast spells.”
Then the guard explains how orcs are untrusted around here. As we reach a small building, the guard captain gets to a building and says “Wait here.” As time goes by, Reamus casts Message and whispers into the ears of denizens “You have seven days.” All of them start running around. In response, they scream. The guard standing in front of the door turns and says “The bloody hell is going on there?”
“I don’t know.”
“I’ll go over there and sort it out once you’re inside.” Says a door guard.
The captain of the guard retrieves Reamus. As he enters, he bows to the mayor. In front of him is a woman with many papers. Upper middle class clothing. Middle aged.
“Hello, you’re the one with the information on Suiaion’s army, right?”
“Yes, madame.”
“Well, I am mayor Mara Leaf. Tell me what the whole situation is. What do you know?”
Reamus explains the situation to her.
“So you say you want a skeleton crew to go to Colhill and deceive their army into thinking there’s an army there?”
“Yes, but I would rather destroy the contingent.”
“The issue is the best part of the militia is in Rythorn right now.”
“You’d be surprised what able-bodied men can do with a sorcerer at their side.”
“This is definitely against my better judgment, but I want to get rid of Suiaion, so I will help. We have 100-150 guardsmen at our dispose. Captain, what’s the exact number?”
“126 At my last check, ma’am. I believe we will need at least 30 men in the streets. Can you work with 100 men?”
“We need to appear as large and frightening as possible. It will be difficult to make them fear a secondhand army.”
Reamus assures her he can do it. She would rather not risk open battle, though. She offers a change in plan. Rather than destroying the scout, Reamus will create an illusion to scare the scouts away and lure a larger army.
While the army prepares, Reamus goes to a Shrine of Ehlonna. There are three clerics who tend to the shrine. He puts a gold piece in the shrine, then asks them to scribe scrolls of Kelgore’s Firebolt, then read them in the battle to make the army appear more dangerous. He lends the captain of the guard his crossbow.
Meanwhile, Ragmar and Fickle go to Reithorn. Fickle teases Ragmar as she plays songs. It takes an hour and a half to get there. As they approach the town, They see quite a few patrolling guards wandering around. They approach the guards. Several of them come running over. “Halt, state your business.”
“We are here to speak to your leader!” Fickle says
“What for?” The guard inquires
“We’re in need of his help.”
“Can you be more specific than that?”
“We need some soldiers to attack the camp.” Ragmar chimes in.
“There’s a reward for the militia involved.” Fickle finishes.
“We do not accept bribes.” Says the guard.
“it’s not a bribe. We’ll just inform you for a way to get benefits.”
“Hold on. Wait here.” The guard walks off and whispers to his comrades. The heroes cannot make out what the guards are saying. The guard returns with another man. They walk up to them and say “I’m the deputy lieutenant. What is it you guys want?”
“Okay, first off, I want to speak to your captain. “
“You’d better have a good reason,”
“Honor, glory, and reward.”
“We’re planning an assault on the Dragon’s Claws,” Ragmar says.
Then they hand the letter to the guards. The deputy begins talking with another of his officers there with him. Ragmar hears a conversation. "So what do you make of it? …don’t know… Brendan captured? …spies? … …just in case.” Then they look at him and say “You’re gonna have to come with us.”
“Why are we going with you?”
“We need to make sure you’re not spies for Suiaion.”
“Would a spy for Suiaion be an illiterate Dwarf Barbarian?” Despite Fickle’s debating, the guards don’t budge. The guards say they’ll need to take the weapons.
“YOU WILL NOT TAKE MY WEAPONS.” The barbarian screams.
“Calm down, Calm down, Calm down, Calm down, Calm down, Calm down, Calm down , Calm down, Calm down Calm down Calm down Calm down Calm down Calm down Calm down Calm down Calm down Calm down Calm down Calm down Calm down Calm down Calm down Calm down Calm down” Fickle says to the barbarian, then the two debate on whether or not they’re spies.
“ how can i be calm without my weapons i promise i won’t kill any one or purposly start any fights i just can’t help feeling on edge with out my weapons”
They agree to go with the guards. Whle they’re in the room, the guards take all of their stuff. Then, the two heroes hear two men arguing, saying

“I don’t really see how they could be spies. They’re a dwarf and a half-elf! Suiaion would never use them.” “Or would he?! He’s doing all sorts of new stuff lately, it wouldn’t surprise me!”

“Still, if what they claim is true, we can at least see if our scouts can back their claim up!”
“It’s espionage, it couldn’t be anything else!”
“Look, I’m going to talk to them, and find out what’s going on.”
“The letter is obviously fake!”
Then the guard walks into the room. And speaks with them. They need proof.
While Fickle and Ragmar deliberate, the “guards,” Anak and Shino are escorting Aaron and Brendan inside of the camp. Just before this, Anak speaks to the two remaining living elves from the battle. The female rogue glares at Shino, but they will not tell Anak their ranks. Then he asks the rogue why she is staring at Shino.
“He is a traitor!” She responds. His three companions look at him with their eyebrows raised.
“I have no idea what she’s talking about.” Shino bluffs.
“Spill it, Shino. I was open and you should be too!” Aaron shouts.
Brendan rolls his eyes “I’m not getting involved in this one.”
“Shino, what does she mean?” Anak inquires.
“We…..are old friends.”
“Do you happen to know this young girl’s name?” Says the cleric.
“I do not.” Responds the rogue.
“Old friends? You abandoned the order!” She screams at him and spits.
“For good reason.” Says Shino.
“Look, because he’s too afraid to say it for himself, I’ll say it. Your friend here is an assassin. He is, or was, a member of the Bladed falcons, in the city of Azjahar. He abandoned us and we’ve followed his tracks. The Dragons’ Claw has since requested a few of the Blades’ services, so it probably explains why he is on your side and he is not.” The rogue says.
“So your with the Dragons’ Call, the Bladed Falcons, or is there some ulterior motive?”
“We take any contract that pays well.” Says the woman.
“I have a contract that will pay very well, then.” The cleric chimes in
“I suppose it’s a good thing you didn’t cut our throats back there in the dungeon then, eh?” Aaron suspects.
“We need the truth. If you’d rather not tell it, I can end it right now. You are a prisoner of war. It is custom to say name and rank when captured, that is all.
“I’m Anmara.” The rogue says.
“And I’m Eriduil.” The fighter mutters. Then Anak takes their weapons and armor. Then he disguises himself as Eriduil. Shino disguises himself as a generic mook.
At the same time, back in Reithorn, Fickle argues the guard’s logic on his suspicion with them.
“In order to get the militia to act, we’re going to need you to speak in the town council. Would you be willing to do this?”
“Yes.” Ragmar says.
Fickle agrees, very excitedly. They enter into a modest-but-large room. There are three people sitting at a table. The town councilmen. The general explains the plan to them.
“Sounds like a trap to me.”
“Well, I don’t know. These really don’t seem like the people to be Suiaion’s spies. And the letter, even… The letter… Tell me… why should we go through with your plan?” The councilman asked. Fickle begins to give a speech.
“You see, in two weeks’ time, the Fenholdian 17th regiment will be here to help us.”
The council debates and deliberates. “Here’s the plan. We’re going to send several horsemen to watch the army’s movements. If they do send forces from their camp, we will authorize an attack. If possible, before dawn tomorrow, see if you can bring Sebastian back. It will be hard to do everything without him. If your mission fails, we will not be attacking.” The council affirms the abilities of the heroes.

The League of Ordinary Gentlemen, Day 8

The next morning, Aaron tracks the army going South. The tracks are at most 16 hours old. South of here are the towns Bradon, Reithorn, and Castow. After a couple of hours of following the army, we see a lone hooded figure. As the tracks go south, a short distance from the beach, there’s a large forest to the left, ocean to the right. A man on horseback is riding toward the League. He’s got a longbow and two shortblades. No weapon currently in his hands. This is Brendan. Friend of Sebastien Ingrosso. He was scouting out Suiaion’s force when they got separated. He could use some help finding his partner. The sentries saw them, and they got split up in the chase. There’s a lot of strange stuff about Suiaion’s army. It’s different. And larger. He recruited an almost completely new army, changed the name of the force. Brendan describes how the party needs to come up with a plan to rescue Sebastien. After some deliberation, the party decides to infiltrate the enemy camp.
So Brendan goes up with the league to the camp. Reamus questions his opinion on other races. He dismounts the horse several hundred feet away. They are in the treeline looking in. Several sentries are roaming the outskirts on horseback. He talks to Aaron about Suiaion’s habits. He describes how they’re looting the towns they destroy now. They also have taken to using horses. The party describes how it could match up to a line of the Prophecy, being the one about “Dragons’ fire burning funeral pyres.” Also, Suiaion seems to have changed his cause after disbanding the army. Anak and Shino don some of the armor we got from the thugs on the dock. Then they infiltrate the camp. After talking to the sentry and telling him they were attacked by a “phantom army,” the sentry goes to get the general. Then the general emerges and demands to know everything that happened.

Meanwhile… Two elven sentries approach the rest of the parties. He sees the wood fortifications, doesn’t think anyone’s there, then his allies reprimand and make fun of him as they see the four heroes. Combat ensues. After seeing that the party was not doing well, Reamus casts Fog Cloud. With one great hew, Ragmar tears down an Elven Rogue and her assistant through the fog. Then, the archer, unable to see through the fog, enters the fray. In another stroke of pure combat “genius,” Ragmar quickly kills two more foes.

During the battle, the general asks exactly what happened. Anak responds “Well, when I was born, my father told me…” The general kicks him and he falls to the ground. “I don’t take smartasses in this army so you’d better start talking straight. What happened at the town after we puled out?” Anak responds “After we started cleaning up, we were looking through barrels trying to find some loot. All of a sudden, these boats pulled up out of nowhere. Man upon man poured out. They killed all of my allies except one… who is somewhere around here. I made it with my life. I was too scared, I ran. There were too many of them.”
The general asks “From the sea, huh? Someone must have alerted them we were coming before we arrived. We must have a mole, we’ll have to fish them out. What’s your name and rank?”
“Sir, do you not recognize me?”
“Yeah, you’re the chump I sent to be part of the cleanup. What’s. Your, Name. And. Rank?”
“Shino the silent.”
“Shino, Hmm? I’ll take a look at that in the troop logs later. Don’t think I’m bluffing. I’ll send some elite scouts later. What I need you to do… I had sent a small company north just to scope out the area and see if we can find that other one that got away from us.
Anak leads the general inside the tent to speak in private. Anak looks around the room, seeing a bed, a desk, and some papers on the desk. “General, while I was out, I heard of a coup amongst the men. They were speaking of mutiny. They were agitating me and I joined in fear for my life. There are men in the camp and they wish to kill you.
The general responds “There are very few circumstances in which someone could march me into my tent and tell me they joined a mutiny, but your story seems true, Do you know of any other conspirators. Do you have any names?”
“No names were mentioned. I have seen, however, some men whispering behind crates. They seem to look elsewhere when I approach.”
“"I’ll have the sergeants keep their ears open. Of course, I can’t act on the word of a private. Thank you for the information, though."
“There’s a guy around the fire I can point out to you so you can begin your search.”
As the general looks out of the tent toward the campfire, and points toward the unfortunate soul he promised alcohol to.
Shino loots a crate in the camp. Inside the chest is arrows. Lots and lots of arrows.
Then Anak walks up to Shino and whispers to him. Meanwhile, a guy goes and sits by the fire. An archer comes up and grabs arrows, then returns to her sentry spot. The team approaches the tent. Anak says “General’s orders. Let me in.”
The guard responds “Show me the papers. If the general sent you on any business to this tent, he would have sent you with written orders to do so.”
The two heroes leave the place and head North to grab Brenden and bring him back.
When Anak returns, there are two guys tied up in the center behind a wooden embankment. Two dead guys, one is in pieces. Brendan returns 10 minutes after Anak shows up. Upon returning, he says “Have you found anything? I got Nothin’”
Anak explains that he’s found out where they’re keeping him. Also, they believe that they’re going to be sending out scouts back to Colhill. It would be shame if they ran into trouble.
Also, on the rogue, there is a pendent with the emblem of the Bladed Falcons
Brendean says “Sebastien and I were working along with the Tinnthicket militia to help counter the Elves. You’ve probably gained some valuable information.”
The League of Ordinary Gentlemen formulates a plan to send in Aaron and Brendan along with Shino and Anak to camp in the night to prepare for the coming battle. They will slip into the prison and break Sebastien out, while Reamus rounds up a skeletal crew to stop the scouts of which General Suiaion spoke. At the same time, Fickle and Ragmar will go to inform the Tinnthicket Militia of the plans, hopefully crushing the Dragon’s Claw once and for all.

League of Ordinary Gentlemen: Day 7

The party sells their loot and receives 946g,6s, 83c. Reamus writes letters to the nobility of Dorthshold about finding guards for the Duke. The Duke tells us he will contact us when he finds out more info. Reamus gives the info on the guards he found. As soon as we leave the villa heading for the marketplace. There’s a man walking to the group. Dark green tunic. Light brown hair. Before we can say anything, he says “Do not worry about what the sage said. Though the prophecies may seem to be inevitable, that is not the case. The chain can indeed be broken. I cannot tell you everything at this juncture, but know this: You did not meet by coincidence. There are greater plans at work here, and you will have an important role in events to come.” He then turns and begins walking away. Then as if it were related, a Halfling approaches Aaron and hands him a note that reads:
I need you to come to Tinnthicket as soon as you can.
He’s here.

Reamus questions Aaron on the note, but to no avail. The secretive Ranger will not budge. Shortly after mulling over the note, the party hears a town crier on the street yells “News from Fenhold! A gang of mercenaries known as the Dragon’s Claw is attacking and burning villages unprovoked!” During this time, the crop dusts in his patrol path. The party decides to undertake the quest. Before the party leaves, Anak decides to return to the castle to tell something to Starys. Upon being denied entry, he then disguises himself as the Duke, enters, and teases Starys telling her "Your armor still smells of you and I cherish that.” He leaves, all leaving-like. Starys is and remains confused. Anak tells the guards to half her rations.
Then the League heads to the Clipper ship and attempts to haggle with the captain, but he refuses, so the party pays 30 gold for voyage. They book passage to a town on the Western coast of Tinnthicket called Colhill. As the ship approaches the town, we notice that the town’s been raided and burned. The ship captain comes down and says “Well, we can dock here.” As we pull into the dock, there are elves waiting on the dock brandishing weapons. As the ship docks, the captain comes up and asks us if we can take them on. He gives us a remnant of sail to use as a Parlais flag. The elves don’t want to speak, so Reamus uses Gust of wind to display his power, in reality, it’s him blowing in the air. They call the sorceror’s bluff, so he shoots a firebolt at the leader. Then fires a crossbow bolt at a greatsword-elf. Then, Aaron shoots and kills the greatsword guy. A rogue dives out from a crate and reveals herself. Reamus hits her in the face with a firebolt. With much fervor, and in anger from missing his opponents, Ragmar goes into a rage and hews down a roguish elf.

After the battle is over, one elf remains, scared out of his wit. He tells the party he’s been hired by Suiaion. Reamus looks at Aaron “Is this the one you meant?”

“No, this is the one I want to kill. For whatever my friend called me, this must be the reason.” The elf says he was recruited out of Laud. Suiaion went south with the rest of the group. The League rests for the night.

League of Ordinary Gentlemen: Day 6

At the behest of Reamus, the party moves into the next level to continue the chase of Starys Malian, with childlike whining from Ragmar, who was exhausted from exuding his rage upon the Drow. The chamber before the party is a very barren room with one path leading south. They run into two dogs and two Drow. Ragmar instantly takes out one Drow, butchers a riding dog, and guts the second Drow. As the party fights the final dog, Reamus scouts ahead to find three more Drow. The first charges him and slices his abdomen open. The second fires and misses with a crossbow. The third hits Reamus in his leg, taking him down. The party rushes forth as he begins to bleed out. In an attempt to save Reamus, Aaron Oleander and Fickle the Lyricist gave it their all and managed to injure two Drow as Ragmar and Shino finished the job. The two crossbow Drow begin to drag Reamus off deeper into the dungeon. Ragmar beheaded one of them. The other died in fright.
In the room the party left behind, there were some mundane items in a storage room and a stash of 100g stored amongst the boxes.
In the next room is Starys Malian. She ties a note to a falcon and sends it off. As soon as Reamus sees her, he attempts to drain the bird’s strength, but it isn’t enough and the bird flies away. The bird escapes as Fickle and Aaron shoot at it. At this point, Starys looks over and notices the party has reached the room. “What the…How did you…? I see this is pointless. You’ve won this round, but this. Isn’t. Over.” The league ties her up and begins to interrogate her. She decided to come peaceably. The League, in triumph, decides to rest for a while. Shino takes watch, nothing happens. Starys makes no attempt to escape. It seems odd that she’s done that.

The party is journeying back to the Duke’s compound when Reamus feels a strange sensation around his head. Someone is using a Sending spell. He doesn’t try to resist it. The message comes through. A deep, ominous voice comes through. “You have meddled with my plans too long, fools. Soon, you shall die. The prophecy will pass, and I will rule Syrant.”

Reamus responds cockily, saying “Erilon Malian, I presume? I wish to inform you that your plans are going to go nowhere as long as we are around."

The sender responds, ““Erilon? You flatter me. He is our patron, and ascended to godhood long ago. I am Helseth Malian, patriarch of House Malian and future Emperor.”

Reamus, in confidence, replies “"I flatter YOU? You relieve ME. I thought I was taunting a god, when I’m simply wasting my time with one of his whelps." He does not reply, presumably in ignorance. He tells starys and she smiles.
We return to the Duke, the Duke’s guards take Starys and throw her into the dungeon. The Duke greets us. And congratulates us on capturing the prisoner. Ragmar informs him of how we’re playing into her hands. Reamus now relays the Sending Spell incident to the benefactor.

In response, he frowns, saying “The bad news is that someone managed to access the prophecy. The good news is that it’s still copied.”

He asks the party to make personal recommendations for competent, unquestionably loyal guards. Another part of the good news is that he found someone that can interpret the Prophecy. The Duke lays the Prophecy on the table again. He says he has someone else he wants us to meet. He introduces the party to a sage named Aubert Clemart. The sage tells us about the prophecy. “Greetings, adventurers. I’ve taken a look at the prophecy and here’s what I have learned… The prophecy talks of thrones… a lot. It might be some sort of symbol for the return of an ancient throne, but I’ve recovered nothing that has to do with this. Well, I have determined that the prophecy is genuine. The prophecy is not fake. Also, I have found some grim news about the prophecy. It is part of a series of prophecies known as the Prophecies of Fate. In the past, they’ve always come to pass and the actions of mortals cannot stop it. It is unknown who wrote them, but there are 10. So far, 6 have come to pass. The 7th is what’s going on now. I’m not certain what to do now. He’s not sure if he can stop it. "We can try to figure out what type of crown it refers to. We will have to look into this some time later. There’s not much for us to do at this point.”
League of Ordinary Gentlemen: Days 4 and 5
After a long afternoon of haggling with merchants, each man, or woman, of the League receives 166 gold, 3 silver, and 3 coppers. The party heads out to a cave, with the directions the Duke gave them, to find the fish Drow. As they made their approach, they saw a small opening to a cave. Shino, with his keen elven senses alerted the party. “There’s a watchman or scout nearby the cave. She sucks at hiding.” He mentioned. The party arrives on a flat, sandy beach. Shino attempts to sneak up on her, but fails as Ragmar doesn’t wait. Instead of going in quiet, he charges at the watchman, screaming “LEEDLEEDLEEDLEEDLEE.” Combat ensues. The Drow summons a pack of guard dogs with a whistle, also alerting her associates. One canine tackles Shino and rips at his neck, tearing the jugular, leaving it barely repairable. Reamus, with a spell, dazes the guard, then Ragmar murders her with extreme, ignorant prejudice. The barbarian turns to the dog attacking Anak and slaughters it, too. Aaron never ceases to be useless and misses every single attack. Ragmar beheads the final hound.

The league enters the cave, one formed naturally over time, though, it was once a pirate haven and there could be some extensions made by hand by the current inhabitants. There are two Drow in a chamber beyond the entrance. Ragmar immediately runs up and slaughters one. After the battle, Anak finds a dagger on the floor and attempts to slide it into his pocket. The party squabbles, Reamus gives a judicial rant, and Anak returns the dagger to the party’s loot pile. Once the party relaxes for a minute to catch their breath, they are quickly ambushed by three additional Drow. In this battle, Aaron was not completely useless. With the aim of his bow, he knocked an arrow and released it into the Drow’s cardiac cavity. After the battle, one Drow remained alive, so the party interrogated him. Being a lowly grunt, he knew nothing, so they allowed him to go free with the instructions that “He should start his own warren elsewhere,” implying he was a rat.

In the next room, the party finds a sleeping dog. After he tried to pet it, the dog bit Reamus. Aaron put his empathy for nature to the test and charmed it by giving it food. In this room, there was also a chest with a crossbow trap. After disabling the trap, Ragmar looted the chest and moved on to the North, the party following, where there is a split in the path. The league goes East to find two Drow in a trance. They take the Drow by surprise and kill them. They let one go.
In another room, there are two more Drow that the party catches off guard. Anak jumps from one bed onto the other as he attempts to bull rush one Drow into another, but he fails and bounces back onto the floor. During that battle, Reamus goes into the next room and sees an altar of some sort. He returns and alerts Anak, who is still on the ground, attempting to get up. Aside from the two Drow, there are also two chests in the room. The party loots them. Finally, the league approaches the altar. Anak looks at it. It’s not dedicated to a major deity, but he is sure that It is devoted to an evil-aligned minor god. In trying to invoke the altar, Reamus throws the corpse of one of the Drow upon it. He bleeds the corpse, but nothing happens. In disappointment, Reamus steps off of the altar. Almost as if an angry spirit saw the sorcerer’s dismay, an evil bolt of magic slams straight into his back. Anak quickly tends to everybody’s wounds and then the party continues.

In the following room is Starys. She’s impressed about tracking the Drow down. She orders the Drow and their dogs next to her to kill the party, a melee begins. Reamus put the two dogs to sleep with a scroll of sleep. Then casts Silent Image and attempts to bluff past the two Drow. After being sliced by a longsword, He wanders deeper into the dungeon in pursuit of Starys. After reaching a Y, he goes south, sees a trap door, then goes north and sees a table. All while the others are fighting. Fickle kills a Drow with a shot to the forehead. The Drow Cleric gets cornered and surrounded by four of the League. Anak convinces his fellow cleric to surrender. After a bit of interrogation, Reamus finds out a little information. The Cleric says aloud "I am a servant of Erilon Malian, ascended patriarch of House Malian. My job here is to provide assistance to [[:starys-malian | Starys] Malian. The current Patriarch of House Malian is Lord Helseth Malian. The members of House Malian are not related by blood as you suspect. Alas, I cannot tell you more as I have already shamed my house. Kill me now.”

Reamus nods, and, in attempt to extract more information, asks Aaron to bring the dogs forward. Seeing the sorcerer’s bluff, the cleric laughs and spits on the ground. After seeing that they will get no more in formation and, in accordance with his request for a mercy kill, the party, in three unified strikes, ends his life: Ragmar with an axe to the right temple, Anak with a club to the left temple, and Reamus with a longspear from the throat to cranium. The cleric felt nothing.

There is a table with documents. Some are coded. One is a handwritten note that reads “My Lord, Our plans are coming into place. We have tracked the old sage to Cortaigne, it appears he believes the prophecy is beneath the catacombs of the Sentinel there. With all due respect, I’m not sure I’m comfortable working with Gorwojrio. I don’t even know what he is, and I certainly don’t trust him. I believe he has some ulterior motives for helping us. Still, you say he can decipher the prophecy, so I will respect your wishes for now. House Malian shall rise again.
Starys Malian

League of Ordinary Gentlemen: Day 3

Session 3
The League of Ordinary Gentlemen moves down into the next room, a hallway, which has a door at the end. When they open the door, there is a bizarre-looking creature, oblivious to their presence. It looks like a bald man wearing purple hide, but it is dripping with slime. The beast is staring intently at a locked door across a circular room. When the door opens, the creature turns around and is immediately hostile. It draws a bastard sword and exclaims “Fools. You must die.” The monster takes Ragmar down with one swing, leaving the rest of the party demoralized.
The monster hits Reamus as he tries to somersault, knocking him unconscious. Anak heals Ragmar, and then the barbarian becomes enraged, then, with one mighty swing, brings down the enemy. Afterward, on the wall, the party finds an empty dragon head glyph. Using shards from the dead beast and the crystal found in the library, Shino completes the glyph in a jiffy.
The door slides open. Behind it is another hallway. At the end is another library-like room with a dead old man in a corner, the remains of the late Desidarius Merope. In his hand is the Prophecy of Tremaste. Ragmar refuses to put the corpse on his back for proper burial later. Instead, Reamus puts the corpse on his back and glares at Ragmar. When the party returns to the columned room, they find that Starys Malian slipped out of the ropes after she regained consciousness. They go to surface. Everything is still silent. Town is still a ghost town. They bury Desidarius and brought some of his personal effects with us to prove his rescue.
As they arrive back in Alagar, the town is full of activity, a shocking change from that of Cortaigne. They make their way to Chateau D’Avis, walk in, and discuss things with the herald. He asks of the prophecy and of Merope. They’re lead through several winding hallways. They finally meet Renault D’Avis himself. In the Duke’s study, Renault hastily grabs the scroll as Reamus presents it to him. He unrolls it, and is fascinated by it. The Duke then Asks them what became of Merope and what they found. While they explain, he returns his gaze to the Prophecy of Tremaste, which he cannot interpret himself. Renault then gives The League the task of investigating the Drow. They will be looking for the party The door opens. An intimidating voice answers “Yes, yes we are looking for you.” 4 aquatic drow step into the room. Renault looks terrified. During the melee, Reamus shoots a drow in his head. Inspired by an argument with Reamus and from the Drow stealing the Prophecy, Renault picks up a Dead Drow’s longsword and joins the fray. Shino took down a Drow of his own. After a huge inaccuracy streak, Aaron Oleander finished the battle with a shot to the head. After the battle, the party finds the guards dead with crossbow bolts in their chests. On one of the drow’s corpses, they find a note that reads

“Eoron, The scouts have them headed in the direction of Alagar. Your orders are clear. Kill them, and get the scroll. Bring it back to the Gold Cove when you’re done. Be careful, they managed to kill Gorwojrio, although I can’t say that squid face didn’t deserve it. Still, if you can get the Prophecy back, we will be stronger than ever. Don’t fail me. -Starys Malian"

The Duke tells them where to find the Drow. He offers the party 800 more gold to go and investigate.

League of Ordinary Gentlemen: Day 2
After discovering the red crystal inside of The Philosophy of the Red Dragon in the library, the League discovered Shino “The Silent” lurking in the halls underneath The Colossus. After he revealed the letter sent from The Duke of Sable, Renault D’Avis, the party accepted them into their band, and they set off. They explored the remaining rooms on the first floor. In one chamber, they discovered and killed another Drow, Despite their best diplomatic efforts, the Drow would not relent and was taken care of. The League then made their way into the basement through the stairs in the library. As they descended, there were two more Drow, seemingly waiting in ambush. After Aaron mortally wounded one with an arrow to the heart, Ragmar gravely injured another with his axe. Reamus finished the latter off as he was running and Shino coup de graced the next, not wishing for him to survive and report the team to his allies later. After killing the drow, they moved to the Northeast corridor, still in floodwater. It was a narrow corridor that led to another large room with 12 pillars. There was a ledge above the water on the far end of the room. A drow, Starys Malian, who appeared to be more important than the others, was standing on top, and attacked The league. She was promptly knocked unconscious in pain by Ragmar, and Aaron tied her up, while Anak interrogated her. Starys revealed that she was working with someone who she described only as “that thing,” and that they were also looking for Desiderius Merope, and were also after one other unmentioned item, which the party inferred was the Prophecy of Tremaste.
League of Ordinary Gentlemen: Day 1

The League of Ordinary Gentlemen
The year is: 100 years before Syrant Part 1, in the town of Alagar on the Western coast of Norver, on the eastern bank of the Sea of Scales. A local nobleman, the Duke of Sable, [[Renault D’Avis has requested the presence of five unlikely heroes at the Archer’s Flask, the local tavern, to give them an assignment worthy only of them.
The scene starts out with each hero in his own conversation. Anak, Cleric of Olidammara, listens in to Aaron Oleander’s conversation with a drunken stranger. Reamus speaks with salty sailors to learn that the last ship to Kraakar came a month ago. The party meets the Duke of Sable’s messenger at a table. The messenger describes the town of Cortaigne a once-prosperous port, which ties in with the story of The Sentinel: A large, copper warrior that stood over the ports and docks of Cortaigne, a wonder of the war. Travelers from all over the world came to see the statue. In the years following the sentinel’s arrival, the town’s prosperity declined. There was mild famine and plague. 10 years after the sentinel was completed, the town became a ghost town. Many scholars think there was an interdimensional portal in the middle of the town that carried people off to the Lower Planes.
The Duke of Sable has tasked The League of Ordinary Gentlemen with going underneath the statue in Cortaigne. Several years ago, the elders claimed that Desiderius Merope to investigate the town and figure out what happened. He found that underneath the sentinel, there was an entire system of catacombs. He began inhabiting them, studying prophecies in their depths. Recently, he dedicated himself to the study of the Prophecy of Tremaste at the behest of the Renault D’Avis himself. He has not been heard from in many weeks. Unspeakable evil may have awoken itself from slumber. The party must locate the sage Desiderius Merope and find the Prophecy of Tremaste. They’ll be well-compensated if they succeed.
After hearing their mission, the characters introduce themselves. Reamus, son of the advisor to the mayor of Dorthshold, Aaron, son of a great military commander of Fenhold, Ragmar of Kreimek, barbarian, Anak, Cleric of Olidammara, the great wandering cleric called upon by Olidammara. Fickle The Lyricist is here because of the bane of all adventurers: boredom. She wishes to spread the stories of adventurers far and wide through poetry and song. The league heads out and goes to the town of Cortaigne. As they approach, they notice the large statue. Under its sandal is trap door with a rusted ladder. The players crawl down into the hole. In it is a room. On the wall is a painting of an elderly man hangs… underground. This is a painting of Desidarius Merope. The likeness is that he’s wearing an obsidian pendant with a dragon’s head. The party goes down the southern corridor and is attacked by a group of fire=breathing ivy-monsters.
After killing the beasts, they move through the dungeon and find a brazier. Under it there is a masterwork dagger of drow manufacture. Then we enter the next room: A gigantic map of the kingdom of Norver, a large globe, white marble walls. Inscribed above the map is “Let the words and wisdom of the crimson dragon provide the answer which you seek.” We enter another room, it is a storage chamber where there is a Drow guarding a door. Ragmar kills the Drow, then the group slips through the door he was guarding.
Through the door is a hallway that is only 5 ft wide. At the end of it is a door. The league enters the aperture. Behind it there is a library of sorts. After searching a bit, they find a peculiar object. In a book called “The Philosophy of the Red Dragon,” there is a red crystal. Not magical. There is a stairwell that leads down out of the library. The party prepares to explore what lies beyond.

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