League of Ordinary Gentlemen: Day 3

Session 3
The League of Ordinary Gentlemen moves down into the next room, a hallway, which has a door at the end. When they open the door, there is a bizarre-looking creature, oblivious to their presence. It looks like a bald man wearing purple hide, but it is dripping with slime. The beast is staring intently at a locked door across a circular room. When the door opens, the creature turns around and is immediately hostile. It draws a bastard sword and exclaims “Fools. You must die.” The monster takes Ragmar down with one swing, leaving the rest of the party demoralized.
The monster hits Reamus as he tries to somersault, knocking him unconscious. Anak heals Ragmar, and then the barbarian becomes enraged, then, with one mighty swing, brings down the enemy. Afterward, on the wall, the party finds an empty dragon head glyph. Using shards from the dead beast and the crystal found in the library, Shino completes the glyph in a jiffy.
The door slides open. Behind it is another hallway. At the end is another library-like room with a dead old man in a corner, the remains of the late Desidarius Merope. In his hand is the Prophecy of Tremaste. Ragmar refuses to put the corpse on his back for proper burial later. Instead, Reamus puts the corpse on his back and glares at Ragmar. When the party returns to the columned room, they find that Starys Malian slipped out of the ropes after she regained consciousness. They go to surface. Everything is still silent. Town is still a ghost town. They bury Desidarius and brought some of his personal effects with us to prove his rescue.
As they arrive back in Alagar, the town is full of activity, a shocking change from that of Cortaigne. They make their way to Chateau D’Avis, walk in, and discuss things with the herald. He asks of the prophecy and of Merope. They’re lead through several winding hallways. They finally meet Renault D’Avis himself. In the Duke’s study, Renault hastily grabs the scroll as Reamus presents it to him. He unrolls it, and is fascinated by it. The Duke then Asks them what became of Merope and what they found. While they explain, he returns his gaze to the Prophecy of Tremaste, which he cannot interpret himself. Renault then gives The League the task of investigating the Drow. They will be looking for the party The door opens. An intimidating voice answers “Yes, yes we are looking for you.” 4 aquatic drow step into the room. Renault looks terrified. During the melee, Reamus shoots a drow in his head. Inspired by an argument with Reamus and from the Drow stealing the Prophecy, Renault picks up a Dead Drow’s longsword and joins the fray. Shino took down a Drow of his own. After a huge inaccuracy streak, Aaron Oleander finished the battle with a shot to the head. After the battle, the party finds the guards dead with crossbow bolts in their chests. On one of the drow’s corpses, they find a note that reads

“Eoron, The scouts have them headed in the direction of Alagar. Your orders are clear. Kill them, and get the scroll. Bring it back to the Gold Cove when you’re done. Be careful, they managed to kill Gorwojrio, although I can’t say that squid face didn’t deserve it. Still, if you can get the Prophecy back, we will be stronger than ever. Don’t fail me. -Starys Malian"

The Duke tells them where to find the Drow. He offers the party 800 more gold to go and investigate.



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