Shino "The Silent"

Elf Rogue


The League of Ordinary Gentlemen era

Shino the Silent is a local legend in the city of Azjahar. A city of merchants by day, an orgy of syndicates by twilight. Some say he’s a terror to be beheld, others say he’s just another children’s monster tale. As a child, he lived in the shadowy and downtrodden streets of Dorthshold with other orphans, surviving only off of the miniscule scraps he was given by townsfolk or food he managed to swipe. He was often taunted by human children for his pale grayish skin and slender Elven figure, and by Elf orphans for resembling that of a Drow, and for having small, unusually invisible ears under his long, obsidian locks. During one of his forages for food one day, Shino was caught stealing by Elias Chambiel, squire for Ahlar Ories. As she tried stopping him, he panicked. He grabbed the nearest item available, a sack of sling rocks, and struck her with it, constantly, until she stopped breathing. In fear, Shino retreated into the only place she knew as home: alleyway shadows.
During this dark period in his life, a family of nobles known as Deneruk, whom held the office of mayor of Dorthshold, took him into their home. He received proper nutrition, good schooling, and affections that he would have never felt in the street… but no matter the pleasantry, he never felt “at home.” The place always was too far from what he’d come to know and love over those 70 years of his life: The streets. It was too agreeable… except for one aspect: His groveling, complaining, and jealous little brother, Berton. The brat drove Shino crazy as they matured. He always blamed everything upon Shino: missing food, broken valuables, even injuries, but the elf took everything in stride. It was this jealousy, though, that turned into bitter hatred, and, a week after the Berton’s 18th birthday, he received his inheritance as his father had passed away. It was that moment that he looked at adolescent Shino and had him exiled to Morgrosh.
Shino waited and bided his time in Azjahar to exact his revenge for his brother’s actions. Shortly after arriving, the elf used his old skills and managed to enter into a company of thieves and assassins, known as The Bladed Falcons. Earning money through assassinations and thievery, he prepares for his opportunity to obtain vengeance upon Berton Deneruck. After he had amassed enough funds to buy the proper equipment and gain passage to Norver, Shino the Silent sailed in from the Sea of Scales, aiming to return to Dorthshold and track down his villain of a brother, once and for all, but not without a cost. In order to leave Azjahar, he was forced to break his contract with The Bladed Falcons, something they are none too happy about.
Shortly after arriving into Norver, a messenger approached Shino with an instructional letter, signed and sealed by The Duke of Sable, Renault D’Avis. The parchment commanded him to investigate the Prophecy of Tremaste and the disappearance of the sage Desiderius Merope.
What does Shino love? A lost heirloom figurine of famous Elven thief Eledor Amalon carefully inspecting a handful of gems.
What does Shino hate? Abusers of power
Why is Shino here with the party? Returning to Dorthshold to find his brother, on the way he received the very same letter that the Duke of Sable sent to the rest of the party.
What does Shino want to achieve more than anything in the world? Revenge upon Berton, starting with ripping him from power and placing a better-suited man in the seat.
What is he willing to put at risk to achieve that goal?
Everything but his life.

What does Shino fear more than anything?
Failure to exact his revenge
What is he willing to do to avoid that fear?
Risk his friends and his allies’ lives, and pay the cost later.

Shino "The Silent"

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