Prophecy of Tremaste

Sought after by The League of Ordinary Gentlemen. Also sought after by a group of Drow, shortly after Desiderius Merope disappeared.

Prophecy text:
When warriors of the deep sit at the sentinel’s feet
Marks the first return of forgotten crowns
When the dark dragon’s fire ignites funeral pyres
Marks the second return of unwanted thrones
When giants wake from eternal sleep
Marks the third return of golden thrones
When the dead dream and when statues weep
Marks the fourth return of deadly stones
When angels fly from the devil’s eye
Marks the final return of broken swords

Know the five, as they signify
The return of forgotten kings
Know the five, for they shall lie
In secrets, stones and rings

When blood shall rain, the reign of blood shall begin.

Prophecy of Tremaste

Syrant R_Anderson1993