1/\/ Y0U12 13453 K1LL1\/6 Y0U12 1)001)Z Part 1

Reamus rides off to Willowford. It’s an hour’s ride to the North. As he approaches Willowford, it’s getting to be dusk. There aren’t many people about, but he does attract the attention of some guardsmen. They begin walking towards him. They shout “Halt right there!” Then they begin to whisper amongst themselves about how he’s an orc. They ask his business, then they mention the guard captain and the mayor, but Reamus is unable to hear much. After he unloads his weapons, he dismounts.
The guard captain approaches. He appears to at least be in his fifties. Most of the men are wearing worn secondhand studded leather and simple leather armor. He says “So, you want to see the mayor, right, orc?”
“Of course.”
“What are your reasons?”
Reamus tells him the plans, then he is lead to the mayor. As he goes, a guard says “KEEP YOUR HANDS WHERE WE CAN SEE THEM.” Reamus turns and smiles, then flips them off in Drow Sign. They respond “He’s trying to cast a spell!”
“Orcs can’t cast spells.”
Then the guard explains how orcs are untrusted around here. As we reach a small building, the guard captain gets to a building and says “Wait here.” As time goes by, Reamus casts Message and whispers into the ears of denizens “You have seven days.” All of them start running around. In response, they scream. The guard standing in front of the door turns and says “The bloody hell is going on there?”
“I don’t know.”
“I’ll go over there and sort it out once you’re inside.” Says a door guard.
The captain of the guard retrieves Reamus. As he enters, he bows to the mayor. In front of him is a woman with many papers. Upper middle class clothing. Middle aged.
“Hello, you’re the one with the information on Suiaion’s army, right?”
“Yes, madame.”
“Well, I am mayor Mara Leaf. Tell me what the whole situation is. What do you know?”
Reamus explains the situation to her.
“So you say you want a skeleton crew to go to Colhill and deceive their army into thinking there’s an army there?”
“Yes, but I would rather destroy the contingent.”
“The issue is the best part of the militia is in Rythorn right now.”
“You’d be surprised what able-bodied men can do with a sorcerer at their side.”
“This is definitely against my better judgment, but I want to get rid of Suiaion, so I will help. We have 100-150 guardsmen at our dispose. Captain, what’s the exact number?”
“126 At my last check, ma’am. I believe we will need at least 30 men in the streets. Can you work with 100 men?”
“We need to appear as large and frightening as possible. It will be difficult to make them fear a secondhand army.”
Reamus assures her he can do it. She would rather not risk open battle, though. She offers a change in plan. Rather than destroying the scout, Reamus will create an illusion to scare the scouts away and lure a larger army.
While the army prepares, Reamus goes to a Shrine of Ehlonna. There are three clerics who tend to the shrine. He puts a gold piece in the shrine, then asks them to scribe scrolls of Kelgore’s Firebolt, then read them in the battle to make the army appear more dangerous. He lends the captain of the guard his crossbow.
Meanwhile, Ragmar and Fickle go to Reithorn. Fickle teases Ragmar as she plays songs. It takes an hour and a half to get there. As they approach the town, They see quite a few patrolling guards wandering around. They approach the guards. Several of them come running over. “Halt, state your business.”
“We are here to speak to your leader!” Fickle says
“What for?” The guard inquires
“We’re in need of his help.”
“Can you be more specific than that?”
“We need some soldiers to attack the camp.” Ragmar chimes in.
“There’s a reward for the militia involved.” Fickle finishes.
“We do not accept bribes.” Says the guard.
“it’s not a bribe. We’ll just inform you for a way to get benefits.”
“Hold on. Wait here.” The guard walks off and whispers to his comrades. The heroes cannot make out what the guards are saying. The guard returns with another man. They walk up to them and say “I’m the deputy lieutenant. What is it you guys want?”
“Okay, first off, I want to speak to your captain. “
“You’d better have a good reason,”
“Honor, glory, and reward.”
“We’re planning an assault on the Dragon’s Claws,” Ragmar says.
Then they hand the letter to the guards. The deputy begins talking with another of his officers there with him. Ragmar hears a conversation. "So what do you make of it? …don’t know… Brendan captured? …spies? … …just in case.” Then they look at him and say “You’re gonna have to come with us.”
“Why are we going with you?”
“We need to make sure you’re not spies for Suiaion.”
“Would a spy for Suiaion be an illiterate Dwarf Barbarian?” Despite Fickle’s debating, the guards don’t budge. The guards say they’ll need to take the weapons.
“YOU WILL NOT TAKE MY WEAPONS.” The barbarian screams.
“Calm down, Calm down, Calm down, Calm down, Calm down, Calm down, Calm down , Calm down, Calm down Calm down Calm down Calm down Calm down Calm down Calm down Calm down Calm down Calm down Calm down Calm down Calm down Calm down Calm down Calm down Calm down” Fickle says to the barbarian, then the two debate on whether or not they’re spies.
“ how can i be calm without my weapons i promise i won’t kill any one or purposly start any fights i just can’t help feeling on edge with out my weapons”
They agree to go with the guards. Whle they’re in the room, the guards take all of their stuff. Then, the two heroes hear two men arguing, saying

“I don’t really see how they could be spies. They’re a dwarf and a half-elf! Suiaion would never use them.” “Or would he?! He’s doing all sorts of new stuff lately, it wouldn’t surprise me!”

“Still, if what they claim is true, we can at least see if our scouts can back their claim up!”
“It’s espionage, it couldn’t be anything else!”
“Look, I’m going to talk to them, and find out what’s going on.”
“The letter is obviously fake!”
Then the guard walks into the room. And speaks with them. They need proof.
While Fickle and Ragmar deliberate, the “guards,” Anak and Shino are escorting Aaron and Brendan inside of the camp. Just before this, Anak speaks to the two remaining living elves from the battle. The female rogue glares at Shino, but they will not tell Anak their ranks. Then he asks the rogue why she is staring at Shino.
“He is a traitor!” She responds. His three companions look at him with their eyebrows raised.
“I have no idea what she’s talking about.” Shino bluffs.
“Spill it, Shino. I was open and you should be too!” Aaron shouts.
Brendan rolls his eyes “I’m not getting involved in this one.”
“Shino, what does she mean?” Anak inquires.
“We…..are old friends.”
“Do you happen to know this young girl’s name?” Says the cleric.
“I do not.” Responds the rogue.
“Old friends? You abandoned the order!” She screams at him and spits.
“For good reason.” Says Shino.
“Look, because he’s too afraid to say it for himself, I’ll say it. Your friend here is an assassin. He is, or was, a member of the Bladed falcons, in the city of Azjahar. He abandoned us and we’ve followed his tracks. The Dragons’ Claw has since requested a few of the Blades’ services, so it probably explains why he is on your side and he is not.” The rogue says.
“So your with the Dragons’ Call, the Bladed Falcons, or is there some ulterior motive?”
“We take any contract that pays well.” Says the woman.
“I have a contract that will pay very well, then.” The cleric chimes in
“I suppose it’s a good thing you didn’t cut our throats back there in the dungeon then, eh?” Aaron suspects.
“We need the truth. If you’d rather not tell it, I can end it right now. You are a prisoner of war. It is custom to say name and rank when captured, that is all.
“I’m Anmara.” The rogue says.
“And I’m Eriduil.” The fighter mutters. Then Anak takes their weapons and armor. Then he disguises himself as Eriduil. Shino disguises himself as a generic mook.
At the same time, back in Reithorn, Fickle argues the guard’s logic on his suspicion with them.
“In order to get the militia to act, we’re going to need you to speak in the town council. Would you be willing to do this?”
“Yes.” Ragmar says.
Fickle agrees, very excitedly. They enter into a modest-but-large room. There are three people sitting at a table. The town councilmen. The general explains the plan to them.
“Sounds like a trap to me.”
“Well, I don’t know. These really don’t seem like the people to be Suiaion’s spies. And the letter, even… The letter… Tell me… why should we go through with your plan?” The councilman asked. Fickle begins to give a speech.
“You see, in two weeks’ time, the Fenholdian 17th regiment will be here to help us.”
The council debates and deliberates. “Here’s the plan. We’re going to send several horsemen to watch the army’s movements. If they do send forces from their camp, we will authorize an attack. If possible, before dawn tomorrow, see if you can bring Sebastian back. It will be hard to do everything without him. If your mission fails, we will not be attacking.” The council affirms the abilities of the heroes.



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