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The group consisting of Anak, Aaron, Shino, and Brendan sneaks into Suiaion’s camp. They are on the way to rescue Sebastien. The four of them see a guard patrolling his tent. The guard approaches and questions their presence. Anak attempts to dissuade the guard of his suspicion. The guard leaves and speaks with Suiaion. The guard asks if they lost any, and Anak tells them that the rest are dead. The guard then tells them to go to the prisoner tent. Anak demands ale, and the prisoner tells him to go to the Mess tent. On the way to the prison tent, Shino sees a Bladed Falcon agent. They get to the tent, Anak sasses the prison guard. Then, Anak shoves the “prisoners,” into the tent. They go into the tent and notice the guards wearing turtle shell armor. Shino slips a rapier into Aaron’s pants. When Aaron and Brendan are thrown into the cell, Sebastien assumes they’ve been caught as well. Aaron laughs. “Sure, we’ll go with caught.”
Anak leaves and grabs some ale from the mess tent. Alex gets locked up. Shino bribes and switches shifts with one of the guards. The other guard asks Shino for a bribe as well. She mentions how “Suiaion’s on borrowed time, waiting for the Fenholdian army.” Anak walks into the tent with 3 pints of beer. “I’m the man who brings you happiness. Have a pint, my friend, on me.”
The guard is unsure of what to expect here. Amongst her confusion, Shino grabs the keys. She doesn’t feel a thing and asks Anak “Are you with him?” The cleric, in idiocy, mentions how Shino was, with him and witnessed his heroism in the huge battle. The guard ain’t havin’ it. Shino offers to bribe her.
“How much?” she asks. He gives her 30g and she leaves. Shortly after, the two guards return, soldiers at their side. The party cuts their way out of the back of the tent and arms themselves with the “YOUR POSSESSIONS,” chest seen in every prison from Bargate to Zanarkand. Then, the ambush begins. The agent of the Talons awaits the party in the back of the tent. The guards begin swarming around. The party rushes to the northern side of the camp in an attempt to escape. The team returns to Reithorn. Sebastian goes to the council and presents the plan. They choose to act.
Reamus convinces the town to give him 100 soldiers and a couple of clerics. He sets up by
Having the clerics evenly spread amongst the group of “soldiers,” They march to the clearing and wait in the woods for their ambush. The plan is for Reamus to have the 100 men surround the clearing, one cleric with each group, 3 groups. Then, Reamus uses his scroll of Fog Cloud as the Mercs enter. The army shout all at once, the clerics use their scrolls of Kelgore’s Firebolt. Then the Clerics and Reamus use their potions of Enlarge Person and march out onto the field of battle. Reamus demands the enemy party to retreat or they will fire. Reamus bluffs that they’re surrounded. The plan ensues, and Reamus yells “Go back from where you’ve come, flee the army of Chloros!”The horsemen run away and flee back to Suiaion

Reamus sets up camp outside of Reamus’ Camp. In town, the group waits. They notice Reamus does not return before nightfall, so they must hope for the best. Out of the treeline come horsemen, suddenly. They ride into town and report that the army is on the move. 100 of Suiaion’s men have moved to engage the ghost army from behind. The town had preplanned to begin marching out in as best as a ragtag militia could to attack their foe. As they approach, one of the army’s officers approaches Fickle and says “I think these troops need some motivation. They’re pretty frightened of going into battle. Could you give a speech to them or something? Lift their spirits?

The next day, the battle ensues. Reamus starts the battle by shooting one of the warriors. “Suiaion will not stand by the end of this day.” He yells at the enemy. Three warriors surround him as his allies grab the others and hew them down. Reamus steps back and yells “Go Fuck yourself,” and signs the finger in Drow Sign at the three warriors surrounding him, using a sound of Sound burst. The enemy then hews him onto the ground. After the battle is over, we see Suiaion emerge into the battlefield. Reamus stuns him, saying “Go FUCK yourself.” Then one of his guards runs over and lays Reamus out again. With Suiaion stunned from Reamus’ rude outburst, and angry from Reamus’ downfall, Aaron takes advantage and shoots Suiaion in his left hip.

Suiaion runs over to Reamus and looks down, and prepares to end it once and for all. As the oaf raises his sword, Reamus twitches and one arm points toward Anak, the other points toward Suiaion. On both hands is the middle finger in Drow Sign. Then the blade comes down and prepares to decapitate the sorcerer. Aaron steps off the log and then continues to shoot Suiaion. Ragmar hews down one of Suiaion’s men, and then swings at another.

Then Reamus awakes in a cold sweat with Anak standing over him. Aaron is busy speaking with Ragmar “Did you hear that amazing rant I rattled off? That idiot hated it.”
Ragmar asks “No, what did you say?”
Aaron responds “You, savage! Look over here! You missed one from Verend! I said it once and I’ll say it again, you should be dead already! I should’ve grabbed your dagger and run it through your back! 10 Years of hunting and I swear I will not cower out this time. Look at me, you murdering bastard! I’ve made many an elven life miserable to find you. I have killed elves to find you, killed them because of you! You want to let me slip through your hands?
How does it make you feel that at the age of 11, I could have killed you? You only didn’t die because of a child’s timidity! You are weak and pathetic.You were an elf on borrowed time, now it has run out.”

And then he proceeded to show Reamus how he managed to take two full-on slices from Suiaion before Ragmar completely deconstructed the idiot’s very existence. With one final conscious breath, he looks up at Aaron and says “You…bastard. Finish it.” Aaron asks one question before hand. “What is the association with you and the change in methods?”

“Why should I tell you that?”

“Because at this point, we’re both hurt.”


“Sobeit, then.” Aaron takes and arrow and drives it through the man’s skull.



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