League of Ordinary Gentlemen: Day 1

The League of Ordinary Gentlemen
The year is: 100 years before Syrant Part 1, in the town of Alagar on the Western coast of Norver, on the eastern bank of the Sea of Scales. A local nobleman, the Duke of Sable, [[Renault D’Avis has requested the presence of five unlikely heroes at the Archer’s Flask, the local tavern, to give them an assignment worthy only of them.
The scene starts out with each hero in his own conversation. Anak, Cleric of Olidammara, listens in to Aaron Oleander’s conversation with a drunken stranger. Reamus speaks with salty sailors to learn that the last ship to Kraakar came a month ago. The party meets the Duke of Sable’s messenger at a table. The messenger describes the town of Cortaigne a once-prosperous port, which ties in with the story of The Sentinel: A large, copper warrior that stood over the ports and docks of Cortaigne, a wonder of the war. Travelers from all over the world came to see the statue. In the years following the sentinel’s arrival, the town’s prosperity declined. There was mild famine and plague. 10 years after the sentinel was completed, the town became a ghost town. Many scholars think there was an interdimensional portal in the middle of the town that carried people off to the Lower Planes.
The Duke of Sable has tasked The League of Ordinary Gentlemen with going underneath the statue in Cortaigne. Several years ago, the elders claimed that Desiderius Merope to investigate the town and figure out what happened. He found that underneath the sentinel, there was an entire system of catacombs. He began inhabiting them, studying prophecies in their depths. Recently, he dedicated himself to the study of the Prophecy of Tremaste at the behest of the Renault D’Avis himself. He has not been heard from in many weeks. Unspeakable evil may have awoken itself from slumber. The party must locate the sage Desiderius Merope and find the Prophecy of Tremaste. They’ll be well-compensated if they succeed.
After hearing their mission, the characters introduce themselves. Reamus, son of the advisor to the mayor of Dorthshold, Aaron, son of a great military commander of Fenhold, Ragmar of Kreimek, barbarian, Anak, Cleric of Olidammara, the great wandering cleric called upon by Olidammara. Fickle The Lyricist is here because of the bane of all adventurers: boredom. She wishes to spread the stories of adventurers far and wide through poetry and song. The league heads out and goes to the town of Cortaigne. As they approach, they notice the large statue. Under its sandal is trap door with a rusted ladder. The players crawl down into the hole. In it is a room. On the wall is a painting of an elderly man hangs… underground. This is a painting of Desidarius Merope. The likeness is that he’s wearing an obsidian pendant with a dragon’s head. The party goes down the southern corridor and is attacked by a group of fire=breathing ivy-monsters.
After killing the beasts, they move through the dungeon and find a brazier. Under it there is a masterwork dagger of drow manufacture. Then we enter the next room: A gigantic map of the kingdom of Norver, a large globe, white marble walls. Inscribed above the map is “Let the words and wisdom of the crimson dragon provide the answer which you seek.” We enter another room, it is a storage chamber where there is a Drow guarding a door. Ragmar kills the Drow, then the group slips through the door he was guarding.
Through the door is a hallway that is only 5 ft wide. At the end of it is a door. The league enters the aperture. Behind it there is a library of sorts. After searching a bit, they find a peculiar object. In a book called “The Philosophy of the Red Dragon,” there is a red crystal. Not magical. There is a stairwell that leads down out of the library. The party prepares to explore what lies beyond.



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