League of Ordinary Gentlemen: Day 2

After discovering the red crystal inside of The Philosophy of the Red Dragon in the library, the League discovered Shino “The Silent” lurking in the halls underneath The Colossus. After he revealed the letter sent from The Duke of Sable, Renault D’Avis, the party accepted them into their band, and they set off. They explored the remaining rooms on the first floor. In one chamber, they discovered and killed another Drow, Despite their best diplomatic efforts, the Drow would not relent and was taken care of. The League then made their way into the basement through the stairs in the library. As they descended, there were two more Drow, seemingly waiting in ambush. After Aaron mortally wounded one with an arrow to the heart, Ragmar gravely injured another with his axe. Reamus finished the latter off as he was running and Shino coup de graced the next, not wishing for him to survive and report the team to his allies later. After killing the drow, they moved to the Northeast corridor, still in floodwater. It was a narrow corridor that led to another large room with 12 pillars. There was a ledge above the water on the far end of the room. A drow, Starys Malian, who appeared to be more important than the others, was standing on top, and attacked The league. She was promptly knocked unconscious in pain by Ragmar, and Aaron tied her up, while Anak interrogated her. Starys revealed that she was working with someone who she described only as “that thing,” and that they were also looking for Desiderius Merope, and were also after one other unmentioned item, which the party inferred was the Prophecy of Tremaste.



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