League of Ordinary Gentlemen: Day 6

At the behest of Reamus, the party moves into the next level to continue the chase of Starys Malian, with childlike whining from Ragmar, who was exhausted from exuding his rage upon the Drow. The chamber before the party is a very barren room with one path leading south. They run into two dogs and two Drow. Ragmar instantly takes out one Drow, butchers a riding dog, and guts the second Drow. As the party fights the final dog, Reamus scouts ahead to find three more Drow. The first charges him and slices his abdomen open. The second fires and misses with a crossbow. The third hits Reamus in his leg, taking him down. The party rushes forth as he begins to bleed out. In an attempt to save Reamus, Aaron Oleander and Fickle the Lyricist gave it their all and managed to injure two Drow as Ragmar and Shino finished the job. The two crossbow Drow begin to drag Reamus off deeper into the dungeon. Ragmar beheaded one of them. The other died in fright.
In the room the party left behind, there were some mundane items in a storage room and a stash of 100g stored amongst the boxes.
In the next room is Starys Malian. She ties a note to a falcon and sends it off. As soon as Reamus sees her, he attempts to drain the bird’s strength, but it isn’t enough and the bird flies away. The bird escapes as Fickle and Aaron shoot at it. At this point, Starys looks over and notices the party has reached the room. “What the…How did you…? I see this is pointless. You’ve won this round, but this. Isn’t. Over.” The league ties her up and begins to interrogate her. She decided to come peaceably. The League, in triumph, decides to rest for a while. Shino takes watch, nothing happens. Starys makes no attempt to escape. It seems odd that she’s done that.

The party is journeying back to the Duke’s compound when Reamus feels a strange sensation around his head. Someone is using a Sending spell. He doesn’t try to resist it. The message comes through. A deep, ominous voice comes through. “You have meddled with my plans too long, fools. Soon, you shall die. The prophecy will pass, and I will rule Syrant.”

Reamus responds cockily, saying “Erilon Malian, I presume? I wish to inform you that your plans are going to go nowhere as long as we are around."

The sender responds, ““Erilon? You flatter me. He is our patron, and ascended to godhood long ago. I am Helseth Malian, patriarch of House Malian and future Emperor.”

Reamus, in confidence, replies “"I flatter YOU? You relieve ME. I thought I was taunting a god, when I’m simply wasting my time with one of his whelps." He does not reply, presumably in ignorance. He tells starys and she smiles.
We return to the Duke, the Duke’s guards take Starys and throw her into the dungeon. The Duke greets us. And congratulates us on capturing the prisoner. Ragmar informs him of how we’re playing into her hands. Reamus now relays the Sending Spell incident to the benefactor.

In response, he frowns, saying “The bad news is that someone managed to access the prophecy. The good news is that it’s still copied.”

He asks the party to make personal recommendations for competent, unquestionably loyal guards. Another part of the good news is that he found someone that can interpret the Prophecy. The Duke lays the Prophecy on the table again. He says he has someone else he wants us to meet. He introduces the party to a sage named Aubert Clemart. The sage tells us about the prophecy. “Greetings, adventurers. I’ve taken a look at the prophecy and here’s what I have learned… The prophecy talks of thrones… a lot. It might be some sort of symbol for the return of an ancient throne, but I’ve recovered nothing that has to do with this. Well, I have determined that the prophecy is genuine. The prophecy is not fake. Also, I have found some grim news about the prophecy. It is part of a series of prophecies known as the Prophecies of Fate. In the past, they’ve always come to pass and the actions of mortals cannot stop it. It is unknown who wrote them, but there are 10. So far, 6 have come to pass. The 7th is what’s going on now. I’m not certain what to do now. He’s not sure if he can stop it. "We can try to figure out what type of crown it refers to. We will have to look into this some time later. There’s not much for us to do at this point.”



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