League of Ordinary Gentlemen: Day 7

The party sells their loot and receives 946g,6s, 83c. Reamus writes letters to the nobility of Dorthshold about finding guards for the Duke. The Duke tells us he will contact us when he finds out more info. Reamus gives the info on the guards he found. As soon as we leave the villa heading for the marketplace. There’s a man walking to the group. Dark green tunic. Light brown hair. Before we can say anything, he says “Do not worry about what the sage said. Though the prophecies may seem to be inevitable, that is not the case. The chain can indeed be broken. I cannot tell you everything at this juncture, but know this: You did not meet by coincidence. There are greater plans at work here, and you will have an important role in events to come.” He then turns and begins walking away. Then as if it were related, a Halfling approaches Aaron and hands him a note that reads:
I need you to come to Tinnthicket as soon as you can.
He’s here.

Reamus questions Aaron on the note, but to no avail. The secretive Ranger will not budge. Shortly after mulling over the note, the party hears a town crier on the street yells “News from Fenhold! A gang of mercenaries known as the Dragon’s Claw is attacking and burning villages unprovoked!” During this time, the crop dusts in his patrol path. The party decides to undertake the quest. Before the party leaves, Anak decides to return to the castle to tell something to Starys. Upon being denied entry, he then disguises himself as the Duke, enters, and teases Starys telling her "Your armor still smells of you and I cherish that.” He leaves, all leaving-like. Starys is and remains confused. Anak tells the guards to half her rations.
Then the League heads to the Clipper ship and attempts to haggle with the captain, but he refuses, so the party pays 30 gold for voyage. They book passage to a town on the Western coast of Tinnthicket called Colhill. As the ship approaches the town, we notice that the town’s been raided and burned. The ship captain comes down and says “Well, we can dock here.” As we pull into the dock, there are elves waiting on the dock brandishing weapons. As the ship docks, the captain comes up and asks us if we can take them on. He gives us a remnant of sail to use as a Parlais flag. The elves don’t want to speak, so Reamus uses Gust of wind to display his power, in reality, it’s him blowing in the air. They call the sorceror’s bluff, so he shoots a firebolt at the leader. Then fires a crossbow bolt at a greatsword-elf. Then, Aaron shoots and kills the greatsword guy. A rogue dives out from a crate and reveals herself. Reamus hits her in the face with a firebolt. With much fervor, and in anger from missing his opponents, Ragmar goes into a rage and hews down a roguish elf.

After the battle is over, one elf remains, scared out of his wit. He tells the party he’s been hired by Suiaion. Reamus looks at Aaron “Is this the one you meant?”

“No, this is the one I want to kill. For whatever my friend called me, this must be the reason.” The elf says he was recruited out of Laud. Suiaion went south with the rest of the group. The League rests for the night.



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