League of Ordinary Gentlemen: Days 4 and 5

After a long afternoon of haggling with merchants, each man, or woman, of the League receives 166 gold, 3 silver, and 3 coppers. The party heads out to a cave, with the directions the Duke gave them, to find the fish Drow. As they made their approach, they saw a small opening to a cave. Shino, with his keen elven senses alerted the party. “There’s a watchman or scout nearby the cave. She sucks at hiding.” He mentioned. The party arrives on a flat, sandy beach. Shino attempts to sneak up on her, but fails as Ragmar doesn’t wait. Instead of going in quiet, he charges at the watchman, screaming “LEEDLEEDLEEDLEEDLEE.” Combat ensues. The Drow summons a pack of guard dogs with a whistle, also alerting her associates. One canine tackles Shino and rips at his neck, tearing the jugular, leaving it barely repairable. Reamus, with a spell, dazes the guard, then Ragmar murders her with extreme, ignorant prejudice. The barbarian turns to the dog attacking Anak and slaughters it, too. Aaron never ceases to be useless and misses every single attack. Ragmar beheads the final hound.

The league enters the cave, one formed naturally over time, though, it was once a pirate haven and there could be some extensions made by hand by the current inhabitants. There are two Drow in a chamber beyond the entrance. Ragmar immediately runs up and slaughters one. After the battle, Anak finds a dagger on the floor and attempts to slide it into his pocket. The party squabbles, Reamus gives a judicial rant, and Anak returns the dagger to the party’s loot pile. Once the party relaxes for a minute to catch their breath, they are quickly ambushed by three additional Drow. In this battle, Aaron was not completely useless. With the aim of his bow, he knocked an arrow and released it into the Drow’s cardiac cavity. After the battle, one Drow remained alive, so the party interrogated him. Being a lowly grunt, he knew nothing, so they allowed him to go free with the instructions that “He should start his own warren elsewhere,” implying he was a rat.

In the next room, the party finds a sleeping dog. After he tried to pet it, the dog bit Reamus. Aaron put his empathy for nature to the test and charmed it by giving it food. In this room, there was also a chest with a crossbow trap. After disabling the trap, Ragmar looted the chest and moved on to the North, the party following, where there is a split in the path. The league goes East to find two Drow in a trance. They take the Drow by surprise and kill them. They let one go.
In another room, there are two more Drow that the party catches off guard. Anak jumps from one bed onto the other as he attempts to bull rush one Drow into another, but he fails and bounces back onto the floor. During that battle, Reamus goes into the next room and sees an altar of some sort. He returns and alerts Anak, who is still on the ground, attempting to get up. Aside from the two Drow, there are also two chests in the room. The party loots them. Finally, the league approaches the altar. Anak looks at it. It’s not dedicated to a major deity, but he is sure that It is devoted to an evil-aligned minor god. In trying to invoke the altar, Reamus throws the corpse of one of the Drow upon it. He bleeds the corpse, but nothing happens. In disappointment, Reamus steps off of the altar. Almost as if an angry spirit saw the sorcerer’s dismay, an evil bolt of magic slams straight into his back. Anak quickly tends to everybody’s wounds and then the party continues.

In the following room is Starys. She’s impressed about tracking the Drow down. She orders the Drow and their dogs next to her to kill the party, a melee begins. Reamus put the two dogs to sleep with a scroll of sleep. Then casts Silent Image and attempts to bluff past the two Drow. After being sliced by a longsword, He wanders deeper into the dungeon in pursuit of Starys. After reaching a Y, he goes south, sees a trap door, then goes north and sees a table. All while the others are fighting. Fickle kills a Drow with a shot to the forehead. The Drow Cleric gets cornered and surrounded by four of the League. Anak convinces his fellow cleric to surrender. After a bit of interrogation, Reamus finds out a little information. The Cleric says aloud "I am a servant of Erilon Malian, ascended patriarch of House Malian. My job here is to provide assistance to [[:starys-malian | Starys] Malian. The current Patriarch of House Malian is Lord Helseth Malian. The members of House Malian are not related by blood as you suspect. Alas, I cannot tell you more as I have already shamed my house. Kill me now.”

Reamus nods, and, in attempt to extract more information, asks Aaron to bring the dogs forward. Seeing the sorcerer’s bluff, the cleric laughs and spits on the ground. After seeing that they will get no more in formation and, in accordance with his request for a mercy kill, the party, in three unified strikes, ends his life: Ragmar with an axe to the right temple, Anak with a club to the left temple, and Reamus with a longspear from the throat to cranium. The cleric felt nothing.

There is a table with documents. Some are coded. One is a handwritten note that reads “My Lord, Our plans are coming into place. We have tracked the old sage to Cortaigne, it appears he believes the prophecy is beneath the catacombs of the Sentinel there. With all due respect, I’m not sure I’m comfortable working with Gorwojrio. I don’t even know what he is, and I certainly don’t trust him. I believe he has some ulterior motives for helping us. Still, you say he can decipher the prophecy, so I will respect your wishes for now. House Malian shall rise again.
Starys Malian



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