The League of Ordinary Gentlemen, Day 8

The next morning, Aaron tracks the army going South. The tracks are at most 16 hours old. South of here are the towns Bradon, Reithorn, and Castow. After a couple of hours of following the army, we see a lone hooded figure. As the tracks go south, a short distance from the beach, there’s a large forest to the left, ocean to the right. A man on horseback is riding toward the League. He’s got a longbow and two shortblades. No weapon currently in his hands. This is Brendan. Friend of Sebastien Ingrosso. He was scouting out Suiaion’s force when they got separated. He could use some help finding his partner. The sentries saw them, and they got split up in the chase. There’s a lot of strange stuff about Suiaion’s army. It’s different. And larger. He recruited an almost completely new army, changed the name of the force. Brendan describes how the party needs to come up with a plan to rescue Sebastien. After some deliberation, the party decides to infiltrate the enemy camp.
So Brendan goes up with the league to the camp. Reamus questions his opinion on other races. He dismounts the horse several hundred feet away. They are in the treeline looking in. Several sentries are roaming the outskirts on horseback. He talks to Aaron about Suiaion’s habits. He describes how they’re looting the towns they destroy now. They also have taken to using horses. The party describes how it could match up to a line of the Prophecy, being the one about “Dragons’ fire burning funeral pyres.” Also, Suiaion seems to have changed his cause after disbanding the army. Anak and Shino don some of the armor we got from the thugs on the dock. Then they infiltrate the camp. After talking to the sentry and telling him they were attacked by a “phantom army,” the sentry goes to get the general. Then the general emerges and demands to know everything that happened.

Meanwhile… Two elven sentries approach the rest of the parties. He sees the wood fortifications, doesn’t think anyone’s there, then his allies reprimand and make fun of him as they see the four heroes. Combat ensues. After seeing that the party was not doing well, Reamus casts Fog Cloud. With one great hew, Ragmar tears down an Elven Rogue and her assistant through the fog. Then, the archer, unable to see through the fog, enters the fray. In another stroke of pure combat “genius,” Ragmar quickly kills two more foes.

During the battle, the general asks exactly what happened. Anak responds “Well, when I was born, my father told me…” The general kicks him and he falls to the ground. “I don’t take smartasses in this army so you’d better start talking straight. What happened at the town after we puled out?” Anak responds “After we started cleaning up, we were looking through barrels trying to find some loot. All of a sudden, these boats pulled up out of nowhere. Man upon man poured out. They killed all of my allies except one… who is somewhere around here. I made it with my life. I was too scared, I ran. There were too many of them.”
The general asks “From the sea, huh? Someone must have alerted them we were coming before we arrived. We must have a mole, we’ll have to fish them out. What’s your name and rank?”
“Sir, do you not recognize me?”
“Yeah, you’re the chump I sent to be part of the cleanup. What’s. Your, Name. And. Rank?”
“Shino the silent.”
“Shino, Hmm? I’ll take a look at that in the troop logs later. Don’t think I’m bluffing. I’ll send some elite scouts later. What I need you to do… I had sent a small company north just to scope out the area and see if we can find that other one that got away from us.
Anak leads the general inside the tent to speak in private. Anak looks around the room, seeing a bed, a desk, and some papers on the desk. “General, while I was out, I heard of a coup amongst the men. They were speaking of mutiny. They were agitating me and I joined in fear for my life. There are men in the camp and they wish to kill you.
The general responds “There are very few circumstances in which someone could march me into my tent and tell me they joined a mutiny, but your story seems true, Do you know of any other conspirators. Do you have any names?”
“No names were mentioned. I have seen, however, some men whispering behind crates. They seem to look elsewhere when I approach.”
“"I’ll have the sergeants keep their ears open. Of course, I can’t act on the word of a private. Thank you for the information, though."
“There’s a guy around the fire I can point out to you so you can begin your search.”
As the general looks out of the tent toward the campfire, and points toward the unfortunate soul he promised alcohol to.
Shino loots a crate in the camp. Inside the chest is arrows. Lots and lots of arrows.
Then Anak walks up to Shino and whispers to him. Meanwhile, a guy goes and sits by the fire. An archer comes up and grabs arrows, then returns to her sentry spot. The team approaches the tent. Anak says “General’s orders. Let me in.”
The guard responds “Show me the papers. If the general sent you on any business to this tent, he would have sent you with written orders to do so.”
The two heroes leave the place and head North to grab Brenden and bring him back.
When Anak returns, there are two guys tied up in the center behind a wooden embankment. Two dead guys, one is in pieces. Brendan returns 10 minutes after Anak shows up. Upon returning, he says “Have you found anything? I got Nothin’”
Anak explains that he’s found out where they’re keeping him. Also, they believe that they’re going to be sending out scouts back to Colhill. It would be shame if they ran into trouble.
Also, on the rogue, there is a pendent with the emblem of the Bladed Falcons
Brendean says “Sebastien and I were working along with the Tinnthicket militia to help counter the Elves. You’ve probably gained some valuable information.”
The League of Ordinary Gentlemen formulates a plan to send in Aaron and Brendan along with Shino and Anak to camp in the night to prepare for the coming battle. They will slip into the prison and break Sebastien out, while Reamus rounds up a skeletal crew to stop the scouts of which General Suiaion spoke. At the same time, Fickle and Ragmar will go to inform the Tinnthicket Militia of the plans, hopefully crushing the Dragon’s Claw once and for all.



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