Yohan Breaksmith


Team Not Evil era

Monk of Bahamut, member of Team Not Evil. Yohan hails from the land of Sherdragon, where he trained at a monastery of Bahamut led by Grandmaster Stahllin. During his adventures with Team Not Evil, he grew to become an incredibly accomplished martial artist, easily the team’s most skilled melee combatant.

Towards the end of Team Not Evil’s journeys, Yohan was called by Bahamut himself to dedicate his life to fighting the minions of the evil dragon god Tiamat. He underwent a series of trials to undergo rebirth into a new form, becoming dragonborn. He became dragon-like in appearance, and gained the ability to use dragon breath against his foes. Towards the end of his life, he embarked on a quest to the Ring of Fire Islands with Zulkin Naharaak, for reasons unknown.

Yohan Breaksmith

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